WHAT WE WANT is Speculative Literature across the several genres of the high imagination: Adventure, Detection & Mystery, Fantasy, Horror & the Supernatural, and Science Fiction.

Each division of the pentapartite journal, representing the genres noted above, will include at least one original short story, two to three poems, at least one scholarly article, at least one scholarly review, and an illustration, ideally relevant to one of the stories or poems included in the section. A "Classic" in each of the genres will also be reprinted from the Public Domain.

JOURN-E: The Journal of Imaginative Literature will be a PAYING PUBLICATION. SEE PAYRATES ON EITHER the JOURN-E page OR the SUBMISSIONS page (links also above in the menu bar).

SPECIFIC CRITERIA REGARDING WHAT WE WANT Popular Imaginative Literature (i.e. literature for the people) such as that corresponding to the rise and continued relevance of the literature of the HIGH IMAGINATION, deriving from the Age of Oral Culture (what we may call "Illiterature" (the tales and traditions of pre-literate societies: folktales, legends, and myths) and finding expression in the Age of Print.

THINK GOLDEN AGE OF THE PULPS: Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, Astounding Science Fiction, Oriental Stories, etc.
While the popular genres of Adventure and Detective & Mystery fiction often verge toward the "Realistic, " in that the settings are "real world/this world" and the actions of characters are believably "human," True works in these popular genres often stretch the limits of coincidence and/or include nearly super-human or abnormally astounding capabilities of characters. These genres are decidedly more idealized and fantastical than the past century or so spate of "REALISM" as most "critics" define the term.

What Queenie D. Leavis referred to as "High-Brow" literature. And we scoff at the notion that these popular forms are, in her highly erroneous and snooty term, "Low-Brow." As if the people who enjoy and are entertained by or in love with OR WRITE these popular forms have some excess of Neandertal genes.

In addition to our WELCOME Podcast, here follows some podcasts that should clarify the type of imaginative literature we are seeking for inclusion in JOURN-E.

So, a quick overview of the SUB-GENRES for which we are seeking submissions:
    • The Lost World (think Doyle, Haggard, Cutcliffe-Hyne, etc.)
    • The Quest
    • The Traveler's Tale
    • Survival Stories (in general)
    • Sea Stories (think Captains Courageous, Crane "The Open Boat")
    • Boxing Stories (think Robert E. Howard)
    • Espionage and Intrigue (think The Riddle of the Sands, The Thirty-Nine Steps, and, of course, moderns.
    • The Western (think Zane Grey, Louie Lamour, moderns, etc.)
    • The Northern (think Jack London, Robert W. Service, etc.)
    • Pirate Stories (think Treasure Island, Kidnapped, or Captain Blood)
    • War Stories (think THE ILIAD, THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, etc.)
    • The Sports Adventure
    • The Adventure Romance (as in Romantic Interest, a blend of Adventure and the modern Romance Story)
    • The Tall Tale (created, not legendary) think Robert E. Howard in his Breckenridge Elkins stories
    • The Classic Detective Story (Poe-Doyle, Orczy, others)
    • The "Hardboiled Detective" (Hammett, Chandler, Spilane, etc.)
    • The Police Procedural (Wambaugh, stories of police detective, FBI agents, InterPol, etc.)
    • The Amateur Detective
    • The "Accidental Detective" (usually a person drawn into having to prove their own innocence by solving a crime)
    • The Armchair Detective (Nero Wolf, etc.)
    • The Eccentric Detective (Max Carados, Monk, etc.)
    • The Occult/Supernatural Detective (LeFanu, Blackwood, Hodgson, etc.)
    • The Closet Mystery ("English Country House Mystery") [Christie's forte: Orient Express, Death on the Nile, etc.] The board game CLUE)
    • The "Cozy"
    • Mythopoeic Fantasy (Myth Creating, as the Greek stems indicate. Tolkien, Lewis, et al.)
    • "Mythomorphic" [my term] (the "Reshaping"/"Re-Imagining" of Mythic, Legendary, and Folkloric materials)
    • Heroic Fantasy
    • Sword & Sorcery (Robert E. Howard [originator] and many followers)
    • Juvenile Fantasy (targeted at younger readers)
    • Science Fantasy
    • of course EPIC FANTASY would be too lengthy for inclusion.
    • Supernatural Horror
      • The Weird Tale
      • Cosmic Horror
      • Supernatural Horror
    • The Monstrous Creature
      • Vampires
      • Werewolves
      • Ghouls
      • Zombies
      • Legendary Creatures of many nations and cultures
    • The Ghost Story
      • Hauntings
      • The Residual Ghost
      • Poltergeists
      • Revenants
      • Friendly Ghosts
      • Ghostly Places
    • The Occult
      • Demonic Entities
      • Cases of Possession
      • Witchcraft and Dark Magic
      • Malevolent Entities (from any culture)
      • Things from "The Other Side" (i.e. opposed to the Forces of Good)
    • Supernatural Occurrences (in general, a "catch all")
    • Space Travel
    • Time Travel
    • Inter-Dimensional Travel
    • Alien Invasion
    • The "Gadget Story" (amazing inventions)
    • The Science Fiction Monster Story
    • The Post-Apocalypse Story
    • The Space "Western"/Space "Opera"
    • Parallel Worlds/Universes
    • Robots and Technology gone wrong
    • Biological Sci-Fi (Frankenstein, Cloning, Pandemics, etc.)
    • Science Fantasy

The banner and title logo© for Mind 's Eye PublicationsTM were designed by the magnificent illustrator, Paul Mutartis Boswell.

Send any queries or comments to the Editor/Publisher, Frank Coffman (Email Link Below)

Cheers! And Onward!


Mind's Eye Publications has been (up to this point) the private, self-publishing endeavor of Frank Coffman (me, the Publisher and Editor of my own work). Beginning with the publication of the Official Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies [2001], THE DARK MAN [I was editor for numbers 5 and 6] and continuing through ROBERT E. HOWARD: SELECTED POEMS [2006], COFFMAN STREET: POEMS FOR ROBERT E. HOWARD [2006], and into the more current era with my chapbook, THIS AE NIGHTE, EVERY NIGHTE AND ALL [2018] and the lately released collaborative collection with my "Partner in Rhyme," Steven Withrow, THE EXORCISED LYRIC [2021], and my own third large collection, ECLIPSE OF THE MOON [2021], it has been an independent, self-publishing entity.

But in 2020, Mind's Eye secured a trademark for the logo, an EIN (Employer Identification Number [individual proprietorship]), and purchased several ISBNs from Bowker (the official United States broker for such identifiers).

On the Autumnal Equinox of 2021 [22 September], a formal Call for Submissions for "The Journal of Imaginative Literature." was made. This journal will be entitled JOURN-E and will begin publication with a first issue both online and in print on the Vernal Equinox of 2022 [21 March].

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